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How the Quest Was Won

Jun 25, 2018

The ancient fey heroes discover the dangers of the Forest of Shadows. Ilyana Farfina gets their dog. Tim clicks his rods. Penny Sparklegem shouts that she’s hiding. Valtor Carzana contemplates turning himself into a duck.


| NPC Names: Master Artificer Zielioni | Toponyms: Aelih-Nal-kan-Zaril-Sorat-Nahhand, The...

Jun 18, 2018

The ancient fey heroes follow some magical moths eastwards. Penny Sparklegem rides a dog. Ilyana Farfina feints a bird. Tantimaller'verian ("Tim") tries to cast a "wood ray" spell. Valtor Carzana refuses to name his summoned creatures.


| NPC Names: Archmage D’ireszha Two-Staves, High Druid Iqoreth, Master Artificer...

Jun 12, 2018

The party faces off against the Iron Right Hand. Angelica his someone when they are down. Hugo starts a fire. Nyx flies away. Bob’s heart is broken.



NPC Names:

Stonekeeper Duoraleth

General Varr Luthan

Terrance the Guard


Quartermaster Duran




Teranth River


Jun 4, 2018

The party tracks the humans who raided the village of Kaer-na-Yeldra-Daer. Angelica plots an assassination. Bob thinks back to his time in wizard school. Hugo tries to join the Scouts. Nyx uses the sleep spell on enemies this time.