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How the Quest Was Won

Aug 27, 2018

Half of the party walks back to town, while the other half of the party deals with thieves. Hugo names a parrot. Bob’s voice gets tired. Angelica meets an old friend(?). Nyx declines the opportunity to use the bathroom.


| NPC Names: Jarvin Tresaud, Sheela Spellwhisper, Rustin, Cassalynn |

Aug 20, 2018

The party has been split up! Angelica sneaks through some alleys. Bob becomes the steward. Nyx asks a wizard about a clone. Hugo becomes a pirate.


| NPC Names: Rustin, Jarvin Tresaud, Sheela Spellwhisper, Archmage Eustare Brightstaff, Cassalynn |


| Place Names: Rivenmist Spire, Cryker, Alharbron |

Aug 14, 2018

The party runs away from a fight. Angelica gives a beggar an unwanted present. Bob joins a choir. Nyx takes a brief nap. Hugo leaves his friends (except for Nutmeg) behind.


| NPC Names: Jarvin Tresaud, Rustin, Stine, Brother Maltus, Dorala |


| Place Names: Alharbron, Harwood Forest, Ivortor, Kryker |

Aug 7, 2018

The party learns about Angelica’s past. Bob earns some money. Hugo gives money to a beggar. Nyx listens at a window. Angelica pushes some papers off a desk.


| NPC Names: King Regalus Bane, Prince Drylus Bane, Prince-Regent Saltine, Cassalynn, Jarvin Tresaud |