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How the Quest Was Won

Nov 27, 2018

The party looks for a seaport. Bob sees some old schoolmates. Nyx talks to a blacksmith about a sword. Angelica runs into an old friend. Hugo provides some exposition.


| NPC names: Sheela Spellwhisper, Big Rhonda, Jaelyn, Farbus, Cassalyn, Duke Ormonth, Captain Turonde Drakebane |

Nov 12, 2018

The party confronts the dragonborn cult leader at the heart of the ruins. Bob becomes a dragonborn cultist. Hugo throws an urn. Nyx ignores a bad smell. Angelica gets touched.


| NPC Names: Uzaak-q’or the Fang of Death, Varkhazz the Var-ghast |

Nov 5, 2018

The party speak with Bramblebeard the Druid. Nyx is rude to some prisoners. Bob is confused about how powerful the druid is. Hugo hits the wishbone. Angelica wants to break another sword.


| NPCs Names: Bramblebeard the Druid, Wheedlin, Big Rhonda, Feelie Downbough, Wendyl, Angharad and Gallebrand the Duck, Zeega, Plox...