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How the Quest Was Won

Dec 24, 2018

The party celebrates the holiday of Winterfeast! Bob invites a contentious guest. Nyx makes some mooncakes. Hugo answers the door. Angelica spills some wine.


| NPC Names: Cassalyn, Jarvin Tresaud, Bungus the Boggle, Stonekeeper Kenal and Baby Duoraleth |

Dec 17, 2018

The party goes for a sail-wagon ride. Nyx inspires the sail-wagon crew. Bob does some rope tricks. Angelica grabs a wyvern. Hugo finally gets to use his roller-skates.


| NPC Names: Juniper Cloverleaf, Vick, Sherman |

Dec 10, 2018

The party fills out paperwork. Bob forgets the name of his homeland. Nyx weirdly complies with the law. Angelica is happy for the first time in a long time. Hugo doesn’t want his friends to stay at his house.


| NPC Names: Zusander of the Rishkal Lineage, Juniper Cloverleaf |

Dec 4, 2018

The party has a maritime melee with a magical mollusk. Hugo talks a bit about his home. Bob disappears. Nyx and Angelica rhyme. The Dungeon Master deeply regrets his choice of monster.