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How the Quest Was Won

Feb 25, 2019

The party arrives in the land of Cryker. Angelica buys a map. Nyx buys some potions. Bob buys a new spellbook. Hugo hears something important.


| NPC Names: General Varr Luthan, Chief Madran of the Taiga Clan, Lamarck the Merchant |

Feb 11, 2019

The party contends with the Cult of the Five Fangs as they try to catch a boat in Glass Port. Hugo is sad for the first time. Angelica is glad she bought insurance. Bob saves a goat. Nyx delivers some bad news in a song.


| NPC Names: Juniper Cloverleaf, Athos Cloverleaf, Zusandar of the Rishkal Lineage, Captain...

Feb 4, 2019

The party escapes from an erupting volcano. Hugo rescues his friend. Bob finds a place to hide. Angelica picks up a rock. Nyx has the worst boyfriend ever.


| NPC Names: Zeghral the Fang of Fire, Felix Button, Khra’goraxha the Great Conflagration, Juniper Cloverleaf, Athos Cloverleaf, Rephin Button |