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How the Quest Was Won

Aug 21, 2019

The party is invited to dinner. Hugo tries to cook an egg. Angelica chops potatoes. Bob wants to cause an incident. Vistra doesn’t want to use her dwarven accent.


| NPC Names: Cassalynn, Yahzira, Richerd |

Aug 12, 2019

After a year apart, the party reunites in the Free City of Alharbron. Hugo learned an ancient dwarven legend and was given some magic items. Vistra built a church. Bob learns about the Three Skulls of Darkness and also gets some new spells. Angelica has a glow up.


| Deity Names: Vharalda, the Mother Below;...

Aug 5, 2019

The party recounts to Master Transcriver Battiscombe the tale of the ancient fey heroes and their quest to stop the creation of the sun.


| PC Names: Tantimaller'verian (“Tim”), Ilyana Farfina, Penny Sparklegem, Valtor Carzana |


| NPC Names: Khoran Who Designed The Master's Labor, Tharazh Who Kindles The New...